Restaurant Assessment Programme (RAP)Europe, Africa and Middle East

We are pleased to introduce the new programme for ANSUL® Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems Partner Companies. It is our belief that in order to maintain our position as the industry leader in Restaurant Fire Suppression and to keep our culture of innovation and continuous improvement, we need to not just focus on sales. Therefore we aim to review the quality of workmanship being carried out by our Partner Companies, and promote those producing the very highest standards.


Be recognised for excellence

RAP has been developed to enable authorised ANSUL® Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems Partners to be fully recognised for their competency and quality of work.

Recognition through the different Ranking Levels, will give End Users, Consultants & Specifiers confidence that all work undertaken by an ANSUL® Partner Company will be of the highest of standard and compliancy.

Features & Benefits

  • Assessment of randomly chosen selected installations
  • Control installation quality in the market
  • Ranking levels to differentiate the partner companies
  • Ensured use of original ANSUL® parts

RAP Brochure

This brochure provides an overview on all relevant detail around the Restaurant Assessment Programme.

The Future

The RAP Ranking of ANSUL® Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems Partner Companies will be displayed on this page in the coming months.

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